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It’s the long-awaited continuation of Whovian bants with Steven of New To Who Fame!

It’s been over two months since B082 NewToWhoBackWhen, Part 1 dropped—apologies for the long delay—but here it is, finally, the continuation of NewToWhoBackWhen, aka NewTwoWhoBackWhen!

Imagine it, Podcastland. Steven of New To Who fame had popped round Oxford for a couple of days to do some sightseeing, hang out with WhoBackWhen’s Leon and chat about everything under the suns. And then one evening, just as they high-fived, lightning struck a sound mixer in the room and a happy transporter accident and/or Freaky Friday of Whovian podcasting ensued.

As mentioned in B082, you’ll no doubt already know Steven as the consummate Whovian expert who intricately dissects the very best Doctor Who stories with which to introduce the show to someone who is entirely New To Who. On that fateful evening, inspiration was drawn from this ingenious concept to fashion from the ether these bonus eps. Thus, Steven and Leon sat down to discuss some of the best and worst stories one might pick from each of the Doctors who have so far been reviewed in full on Who Back When, with which to introduce Doctor Who to a total noob.

The chat went on for so long that the recording was cleft in twain. B082 NewToWhoBackWhen, Part 1 covered the Classic Doctors only. Here (Part 2) are the NewWho Doctors!

Please be mindful that this recording went into the very wee hours of the night, so, you know, a few yawns may have been strategically edited out. ;-)

If you’re not already a fan of the New To Who podcast, then holy moly, something tells us you will be. You know how the internet works, so go out and subscribe to it asap.

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