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In Part 1 of our very first Doctor Who Audio Adventure, we meet Wilfred Mott, Eileen Dover and Rory the Roman during the London Blitz.

Part 1: It is 1941 and the Blitz has ravaged much of London. Manning the shelters, the feisty Eileen Dover has been making a name for herself as an indefatigable force to be reckoned with. Her beau, Wilfred Mott, has just returned from the trenches and is as proud of her as he is suspicious of the Ancient Roman chap guarding a building on the High Road. Edwin Braceface is stepping into an interview with Winston Churchill himself. And in a bunker in Vauxhall, three Daleks are plotting the end of the world as we know it…



Listen to Part 1 (of 4) of Operation Pandorica now! 

And when you’re done, continue with Part 2!

Watch this space!


Here's what you think 2 Responses to “B045 Operation Pandorica, Part 1”
  1. Peter Zunitch

    An audio production…from WBW? Get out your hammers, maces and pile drivers people, we’ve got some bashing to do!

    Per Ponken’s suggestion, I’ll save my full review for the articles section, but let me just say for now that this production is exactly what I should have expected, but honestly I didn’t expect what we got at all.

    Congrats guys and gals!

    • Thanks very much, Peter! I can’t wait to learn what you think of our little audio adventure, nor what you had initially expected. Please don’t hold back!

      It was tremendous fun to co-author it, and an adventure in and of itself to produce. Truth be told, we’re still waiting for that inevitable and booming mass-laudation to echo across the ether and break the Internet, so I’m particularly curious about what a connoisseur of Whovian Fan Audio Dramas such as yourself has to say about it.

      People of Podcastland, in case you’re new to the site and that last bit needs context, check out Peter’s spiffing Fan Audio Drama reviews in the WBW blog.

      Shazam! And thanks again!

      PS: I actually said to Drew the other day that I would email you to see if you might be persuaded to review Operation Pandorica. ;-) You beat me to it!

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