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Happy 200th Episode to Us!
Here’s the audio podcast version of this awesome milestone.

Shazam and Happy 200th Episode to Us!

Indeed-a-roonie, we’re back after a short break to self-5 and celebrate this glorious milestone.

As we did 100 episodes ago, we sat down with a drink and filmed ourselves having a little chit-chat about the show. We also heard from some of our lovely listeners! 

So the choice is yours: listen to this (audio-only) podcast version or watch the video — or both! Bear in mind, though, that some of the gags and references are visual in nature.

Among other things, in this Special 200th Episode Extravaganza, we…

  • Ponder our favourite and least favourite moments of recording Who Back When
  • Theorise about what the 13th Doctor and her first season may bring
  • Hear from some of our awesome-tastic-a-licious listeners
  • (Finally) Re-enact a Blink-based scene written and filmed by super-Whovian and all-round spiffing chap, Kyle Rath
  • Get serious for a moment as we reveal some WBW news

Basically, this is an opportunity to join us for a fun hour and a bit, while we pander to ourselves in a shamelessly self-celebratory anniversary bonus. ;-)

A huge thank you to all the glorious citizens of Podcastland without whom there would be no show. 



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