N088 The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe – The 2011 Christmas Special

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The Man Who Fell To Earth teams up with Mother Christmas

After saving the juicy, ripe, defenceless Earth from yet another takeover bid by aliens safe in the knowledge the Doc will have already died a mere 73 years hence, Doc drops in on Madge Arwell, local cycle and car-crasher, for a bruising perusal of the town’s police boxes.

Three years later, heroic husband Reg appears to have stiffed his last upper lip over the Channel on his way back from a bombing raid, leaving Madge and the kids to seek solace over Christmas in demented Uncle Digby’s palatial pile.

There they encounter the Caretaker, a cross between Mary Poppins and the Animaniacs, who’s rigged every room with all the distractions from mortality two unsuspecting guttersnipes could ever wish for.

Cyril, however, not being blessed with inhibitory control, sneaks into one of the gifts beneath the tree a few hours early, leaving Doc, sister Lily, and mega-Mum to pursue the prying peeper who is precipitately no longer, ahem, present.

Spoilers/Visual Mini:

Here’s the amazing “Pie Chart of Puke” submitted by Michael Ridgway — Thank you, Michaeeeeeeeel! — featured in the Listener Mini section at the end of this podcast episode:

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