Medieval Knights

Whether seated at round tables or swinging broadswords while sheathed in shining armour, medieval knights have popped up here and there in Doctor Who. For the purposes of this archive, we’ll be including robots masquerading as knights here as well.

Podcast C156 Battlefield > > > > > > >

Inter-dimensional Arthurian warfare, helicopter ear sanitation and a demon’s wet mouth

Podcast C129 The King’s Demons > > > > >

Far too much jousting, jesting and lute’ing.

Podcast C070 The Time Warrior > > > >

Lots of firsts and the best Venusian Aikido to date!

Podcast C064 The Time Monster > > > > > > > > > >

The Master summons a time pigeon and goes back to Atlantis where he finds a minotaur and other plot points.

Podcast C014 The Crusade > > > > >

The troupe arrive in 12th century Palestine where Doc steals clothes, Ian is knighted, Vicky is inconsequential and Barb gets kidnapped (as usual)