River Song

The Doctor’s wife and slightly older than her mother, Amy Pond, who was also a companion of the Doctor’s and also tried to shag him, River Song’s real name was Melody Pond, except no one calls her that. Kidnapped as an infant and brainwashed to murder The Doctor, River Song grew up to become a sonic-wielding badass and veritable Indiana-Jones/Mata-Hari transporter accident.

Podcast N073 The Big Bang > > > >

The Lone Centurion, star cults, a petrified Dalek and the universe rebooted? This episode prompted some of the most heated debates on WBW yet!

Podcast N065 Flesh and Stone > > >

Behold the conclusion to the Weeping Angel double-feature that by its own internal logic should never have occurred in the first place.

Podcast N064 The Time of Angels > > >

Hallucinogenic lipstick, clerics in camouflage and a maze ball. The Weeping Angels must be back!

Podcast N051 Forest of the Dead > > >

The Runaway Bride finally gets herself a husband and takes care of cookie-cutter kids in Star Trek Generation’s “Nexus”.

Podcast N050 Silence in the Library > > >

A tonne of foreshadowing and a very common courtesy unit, plus the very first appearance of Professor River Song (on our timeline)

Podcast B022 The Husbands of River Song – The 2015 Christmas Special > > >

A pointless sidekick, an inconsistent robot and a massive get-out-of-jail-free card. Fun!