N051 Forest of the Dead

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The Runaway Bride finally gets herself a husband and takes care of cookie-cutter kids in Star Trek Generation’s “Nexus”.

The Tenth Doctor, River Song & Co clearly survived last week’s cliffhanger, but Donna is stuck in a world of her own. It seems she’s in a hospital run by Dr Moon, who’s part psychologist, part match-maker, and soon she’s set up with an eligible mute.

In the library, however, Doc and and the Scooby Gang of archaeologists are running around in circles, while trying to establish contact with both Cal and the Vashta Nerada.

Sunset is upon them, and the shadows are closing in. Zombie astronaut action ensues.

We managed to cram a surprising amount of philosophising into our review of this epic conclusion to the double-feature that started with Silence in the Library. To quote Drew, “there are jugs, but it makes you think”.

We try to answer such questions as:

  • Does Lee have an actual job in Dr Moon’s Nexus?
  • Do the Vashta Nerada have a swarm mind?
  • Did the Doctor condemn River Song to perpetually ask for ice-cream in hell?
  • Will Miss Evangelista take over the internet or turn into Kylie Minogue sparkles?
  • How intimate can you get with a courtesy unit?
  • And much, much more…

Only one way to find out — listen to our review now!



One Response to “N051 Forest of the Dead”

  1. Tracey | @yecartniatnuof

    Tracey here. I know it’s just a string of random thoughts, but it’s been a stressful week. Now shut up and take my mini!

    River asks, “Who’s got a chicken leg?” And Other Dave is super reluctant. I get the distinct feeling he’s thinking, “Yeah I’m the Black guy and I have the fried chicken. Make a joke already.”

    River tells the Doc his name. Holy freaking epic!

    After cautioning all of them multiple times to not cross shadows, 10 mins in Doc’s shadow clearly crosses several of them after he’s paced in a neat circle around them.

    I reached the books=paper=trees way before the Doctor. Guess it’s a stressful week for him as well.

    Again Tate does a really spectacular job here, as the mom-in-psychological-thriller-slowly-losing-her-mind.

    There’s some nice design elements with the saved/reincarnated in black and the permanent matrix members in white, speaking to themes of death and heaven.

    Doc is so very mischievous suggesting they read the diary together.

    The ending speech River gives is such a nice closing for her character, (even though she will see the Doctor one more time before she finally fades.)

    Such a tragic ending for Donna and that guy she left in unimatrix zero. I got distracted by River’s beginning/ending and it kind of loses its sting. It’s not the last time Donna is hurt at the expense of the plot.

    Rating: Well done all around! Gossamer!


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