New Who reviews

Podcast N016 Tooth and Claw > > >

Scottish Kung-Fu monks, Queen Victoria, and a werewolf that isn’t a werewolf. Ok, then.

Podcast N015 New Earth > > > > >

Doc and Rose see a familiar face each, and then square off against cat-nun-nurses and a horde of gross zombies

Podcast N014 The Christmas Invasion – The 2005 Christmas Special > > > > >

Tennant’s first proper episode as The Doctor, in which he sleeps a lot, Rose is inconsistent and aliens rock!

Podcast N013 The Parting of the Ways > > > > >

Rose is her own Deus Ex Machina, Jackie cashes in a dodgy favour, and we bid farewell to the 9th Doctor.

Podcast N012 Bad Wolf > > >

The Doc escapes from the Big Brother House, Rose knows basic arithmetics, and Captain Jack has an ass-gun.

Podcast N011 Boom Town > > > >

The Doctor has dinner with the enemy, Mickey wants to cheat on his girlfriend, and no one seems to object to Cardiff Castle being demolished.

Podcast N010 The Doctor Dances > > > >

Doc has no rhythm, Jack has great taste in cocktails, and aliens can’t distinguish bio matter from plastic.

Podcast N009 The Empty Child > > > >

A creepy child telekinetically controls toy monkeys and makes gas masks grow out of people’s faces, and we meet Captain Jack for the first time!

Podcast N008 Father’s Day > > >

Rose rescues her dead dad; Jackie is immortal; and in the end we forget that our hero is a cheating, lying, lousy husband.

Podcast N007 The Long Game > > >

The Doc robs a cash machine; Rose drinks a cup of beef; and Adam proves he’s a prick by getting a hole drilled into his forehead.