New Who reviews

Podcast N066 The Vampires of Venice > > >

Neither Vampires nor Venice feature in this episode.

Podcast N065 Flesh and Stone > > >

Behold the conclusion to the Weeping Angel double-feature that by its own internal logic should never have occurred in the first place.

Podcast N064 The Time of Angels > > >

Hallucinogenic lipstick, clerics in camouflage and a maze ball. The Weeping Angels must be back!

Podcast N063 Victory of the Daleks > > > >

The Doc helps Winston Churchill defeat Power Ranger Daleks with a Jammie Dodger

Podcast N062 The Beast Below > > >

The Eleventh Doctor and new companion Amy Pond go up against two-faced civil servants and the ultimate Brexit

Podcast N061 The Eleventh Hour > > > >

A brand new Doctor and his companions-to-be have 20 minutes to save the world from an inter-dimensional fish-snake and the crystalline eyeballs pursuing it

Podcast N059 The End of Time, Part 1 > > > > > > > >

The Master returns with a ridiculous plot to end life on Earth as we know it, and even Barack Obama shakes his head at this one.

Podcast N058 The Waters of Mars >

Grown men wet themselves as the Doctor summons the Time Lord Victorious and introduces the concept of fixed points in time

Podcast N057 Planet of the Dead > > >

Kleptomaniacs, coprophages and a scientist fanboy battle a civilisation-devouring sharknado from outer space