Sergeant John Benton

The Brigadier’s Number Two, and later his Number One, Benton was not only a charming, kind-hearted and brave U.N.I.T. officer, but a brilliant friend to Bagels and the TARDIS team. He was also a bit of a flirt. Alas, Benton didn’t get the send-off from the show that he deserved.

Podcast C057 The Claws of Axos > > > > > > >

Golden-haired, miracle-bearing cherubs descend from the heavens and no one suspects that they might have a hidden agenda.

Podcast C056 The Mind of Evil > > > > > > > >

Psychiatric treatment of criminals using an alien in a bucket? It’s got to be The Master!

Podcast C054 Inferno > > > >

Disco Werewolves, Venusian Karate and yet another Drill-to-The-Centre-of-the-Earth spiel.

Podcast C053 The Ambassadors of Death > > > > >

More astronaut-cosplaying aliens, palpably inappropriate music, and foreign conspirators from foreign countries

Podcast C046 The Invasion > > > > > > >

Raunchy photoshoots, the return of UNIT and a Cyberman plan as epic as it is absurd