The Eleventh Doctor

The Eleventh Doctor, portrayed by Matt Smith from 2010 until 2013, was wibbly and wobbly, a marvellous dancer and a bowtie aficionado. Introducing the reign of Steven Moffatt, this Doctor was not only among the best, but also had the honour of reigning until the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. We’re just rounding off our reviews of the Eleventh Doctor serials on the Who Back When podcast.

Podcast N077 The Curse of the Black Spot > > > > >

The Doctor doesn’t know CPR in this pseudo-prequel to The Smugglers

Podcast N076 Day of the Moon > > > > >

Our heroes draw reminders in places they can’t see without a mirror, telepathic beepers are manually operated, and River goes full-on John Woo

Podcast N075 The Impossible Astronaut > > > > >

The gang goes to The States where Nixon’s a pretty nice guy and there are creepy Men in Black in the Ladies’ Room.

Podcast N074 A Christmas Carol – The 2010 Christmas Special > >

The Doctor makes a refrigerated woman spend her last remaining days of life with two complete strangers in this Christmas Special

Podcast B043 NewWho Series 5 Retrospective > > >

Having just reviewed Series 5 of NewWho, we sat down to share some of our opinions and impressions of Matt Smith’s inaugural season as The Doctor.

Podcast N073 The Big Bang > > > >

The Lone Centurion, star cults, a petrified Dalek and the universe rebooted? This episode prompted some of the most heated debates on WBW yet!

Podcast N071 The Lodger > >

The Eleventh Doctor interrupts some Pizza, Booze, Telly in this incredibly polarising episode of NewWho

Podcast N070 Vincent and The Doctor > > >

Vincent van Gogh gingerly flirts with Amy Pond while Doc is chased by the space chicken in his godmother’s rearview mirror

Podcast N069 Cold Blood > > >

Snoring Silurians, unauthorised Earth ambassadors and the (temporary) deletion of Rory Williams