The Eleventh Doctor

The Eleventh Doctor, portrayed by Matt Smith from 2010 until 2013, was wibbly and wobbly, a marvellous dancer and a bowtie aficionado. Introducing the reign of Steven Moffatt, this Doctor was not only among the best, but also had the honour of reigning until the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. We’re just rounding off our reviews of the Eleventh Doctor serials on the Who Back When podcast.

Podcast N097 Cold War > >

A submarine’s under siege in this reimagining of Brendan Fraser’s “Encino Man”

Podcast N096 The Rings of Akhaten > > > > > >

A space girl fails to hit the apocalyptic snooze button and only Clara’s backstory can save the day

Podcast N095 The Bells of Saint John > > >

Definitely-not-a-monk invites newish companion Clara Oswald into his snog box

Podcast N094 The Snowmen – The 2012 Christmas Special > > > > > > > > > >

Mary Poppins moonlights as Eliza Doolittle and The Great Intelligence feeds countless labourers to his carnivorous snowmen

Podcast B055 The Snowmen Prequels > > > > > >

Just A Quick Pre-Christmas-Special-Christmas-Prequels-May-Christmas Chat

Podcast N093 The Angels Take Manhattan > > > > >

A giant demon statue that no one notices, a paradox hotel and an easily avoidable companion farewell.

Podcast N092 The Power of Three > > > > > > > > >

A helmet-less Vader, Trojan Horse cubes and one of our favourite fan theories to date!

Podcast N091 A Town Called Mercy > > > > >

A Robocop prequel unfolds as The Doctor turns innocent bystanders into human shields to protect a fellow war criminal

Podcast N089 Asylum of the Daleks > > > > > > >

Dalek zombies, vegan-friendly soufflés and Democracy of the Daleks!