The First Doctor

Exactly what it says on the tin. Before this chap, there was no Doctor. William Hartnell first portrayed The Doctor in 1963 as sometimes jovial, occasionally curmodgeon, super clever elderly gentleman who would sometimes stray into the territory of bumbly Mr Magoo. He travelled around space and time with his granddaughter, then dumped her in post-apocalyptic London and went off on more adventures on which he solicited the company of a number of surrogate granddaughters. What a dude!

Podcast C007 The Sensorites > > > >

Doc & Co try to save some humans from mind-controlling aliens, but end up saving the aliens from barbaric humans. #irony

Podcast C006 The Aztecs > > > >

Barb engages in some harmless grave robbery and is mistaken for an Aztec god. Romance and adventure ensue!

Podcast C005 The Keys of Marinus > > > > >

The Doctor & Co arrive on Marinus and are blackmailed by Arbitan to go on a suicide mission to retrieve the five titular micro-circuit keys.

Podcast C004 Marco Polo > > > > > > >

The Doctor & Co go on a road trip to Peking with Marco Polo. Meanwhile, a man by the name of Tegana is plotting to steal the TARDIS.

Podcast C003 The Edge of Destruction > > >

The TARDIS suddenly stops and The Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara must face their fears and figure out what’s happened.

Podcast C002 The Daleks > > > > > >

The Doctor, Susan, Barbara and Ian arrive on the planet Skaro, where war has been raging between the Thal and the Daleks for 500 years.

Podcast C001 An Unearthly Child > > > >

Teachers Ian and Barbara follow Wunderkind pupil Susan to a junkyard, where they meet her grandfather, The Doctor.