C004 Marco Polo

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The Doctor & Co go on a road trip to Peking with Marco Polo. Meanwhile, a man by the name of Tegana is plotting to steal the TARDIS.

The Doctor, Susan, Barbara and Ian arrive on the Plain of Pamir, see a yeti twice and never mention it ever again. Then they’re held captive, as per usual, by a group of Mongols and a European dude named Marco Polo. One of the former, Tegana, believes they’re mountain spirits; Marco Polo thinks they’re too valuable to kill; and both of them want to steal the TARDIS. And so off they go on a road trip to see the Kublai Khan.

This is the first of many lost Doctor Who stories – lost in the sense, that we can only really listen to the episodes, not watch them. However, a fantastic and nerdy production company called ‘Loose Cannon Productions’ re-assembled this Doctor Who story from the original audio, still photos taken on set during production and a video (re)creation of the intro and outro, featuring Mark Eden who played the titular character back in 1963.

(Our Ratings and Reviews of this Doctor Who story kick in at the 1h25m45s mark.)

2 Responses to “C004 Marco Polo”

  1. Listened back to this episode today and, seriously, how did neither of us make any jokes about the corpulent chap’s name being “Wang Lo”?

  2. They talk about a yeti at the beginning and they THINK they see one. In reality it was one of the caravan dressed up in snowshoes (snow shoe) and lots of furs. He gets scared off and goes to tell the rest when the screams happen. It’s explained in the text in the reproduction. That’s why the caravan finds them. Raise that rating higher!

    I absolutely love this story. Loose Canon (a few fans (three primarily) who did this all on their own) did an amazing job at not only re-creating the story, but in colorizing the images. They actor did the intro and outro out of love for the story. There was no budget as it was not a real company. No money was ever made, but you guys probably know all this by now.

    So sad it’s not still available. The Dr and Kahn are such a great pair.

    Thanks for all your effort guys!


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