The First Doctor

Exactly what it says on the tin. Before this chap, there was no Doctor. William Hartnell first portrayed The Doctor in 1963 as sometimes jovial, occasionally curmodgeon, super clever elderly gentleman who would sometimes stray into the territory of bumbly Mr Magoo. He travelled around space and time with his granddaughter, then dumped her in post-apocalyptic London and went off on more adventures on which he solicited the company of a number of surrogate granddaughters. What a dude!

Podcast C026 The Savages > > > >

An allegory about equality acted out by evil guys in blackface and fairly sophisticated cavemen. Also, The Doctor has a vibrator. No lie.

Podcast C025 The Gunfighters > > > > >

Two Docs get mixed-up; Steven and Dodo are master pianists; and the whole thing is tied together with the most annoying song in the Wild West.

Podcast C024 The Celestial Toymaker > > >

The Doctor is turned invisible, inaudible and intangible, and Steve and Dodo clown around in this both childish and completely racist serial.

Podcast C023 The Ark > > > >

Dodo dooms mankind with a sneeze; cyclopses lock humans in a security kitchen; and incorporeal creatures sit down in chairs.

Podcast C022 The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve > >

In addition to The Doctor, Hartnell plays a different character in this one, who also goes on holiday. And then we get a new, annoying companion.

Podcast C021 The Daleks’ Master Plan > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

The Doctor robs the Daleks, gains two companions, loses three, and then we even get an appearance by the monk. Epic!

Podcast C020 The Myth Makers > > > > > >

The troupe arrives in Troy, where there’s no Helen, Vicki falls in love, and the Doc leaves but one Trojan left alive.

Podcast C019 Mission to the Unknown > > > > > > > > > >

Three astronauts who aren’t The Doctor battle homicidal vegetables and Daleks while the latter plot to take over the galaxy.

Podcast C018 Galaxy 4 > > > > >

Doc, Vicki and Steven encounter sexism, Hutts and pudgy budget-Daleks in this serial that does not necessarily take place in Galaxy 4.

Podcast C017 The Time Meddler > > > > >

The Doctor, Vicki and Steve arrive in England in 1066 and are pitted against Saxon logic, brutal Vikings and a fellow time traveller.