The Second Doctor

Portrayed by Patrick Troughton between 1966 and 1969, as well as in a few Multi-Doc specials, The Second Doctor was a disheveled, witty and fun-loving chap who was a dear friend of his companions and a fan of playing the recorder.

Podcast C045 The Mind Robber > > > > > > > > > > >

A less racist, more trippy take on The Toymaker and ultimately a literal write-off

Podcast C044 The Dominators > > > > >

It’s Dresses vs Shoulder Pads in this (possibly) entertaining clash of the dress codes.

Podcast C043 The Wheel in Space > > > > > >

The most convoluted Cyberman plot to date VS. The least professional space station crew ever

Podcast C042 Fury from the Deep > > >

Lethal bubble baths, homicidal seaweed and the first appearance of the Sonic Screwdriver

Podcast C041 The Web of Fear > > > > >

The epic return of two foes and introduction of a lifelong friend and ally

Podcast C040 The Enemy of the World > >

Another Doctor Doppelgänger and almost as many parallel plots as there are plot twists. Fantastic!

Podcast C039 The Ice Warriors > > >

Ice Warriors, nipple computers and a fruit museum appear in this serial that moves at a glacial pace

Podcast C038 The Abominable Snowmen > > > > >

Turns out the Great Intelligence is the Yeti of this story.

Podcast C037 The Tomb of The Cybermen > > > > >

Racist Space-archeologists unearth a fortune in Cyber-stencils in this legendary serial.

Podcast C036 The Evil of The Daleks > > > > >

A Karl Marx lookalike delivers spiffing technobabble while time travel goes straight down the drain in this senseless yet hugely compelling serial.