Victoria Waterfield

Arguably the better of the Classic Who Vickis, Victoria Waterfield was the appropriately named Victorian companion of The Second Doctor’s. She eventually settled down in the 20th Century, never to be seen again in Doctor Who. Apparently we learn more about her fate and further encounters with the Great Intelligence in the spinoff ‘Downtime’, however. We have yet to review that one, though.

Podcast C042 Fury from the Deep > > >

Lethal bubble baths, homicidal seaweed and the first appearance of the Sonic Screwdriver

Podcast C041 The Web of Fear > > > > >

The epic return of two foes and introduction of a lifelong friend and ally

Podcast C040 The Enemy of the World > >

Another Doctor Doppelgänger and almost as many parallel plots as there are plot twists. Fantastic!

Podcast C039 The Ice Warriors > > >

Ice Warriors, nipple computers and a fruit museum appear in this serial that moves at a glacial pace

Podcast C038 The Abominable Snowmen > > > > >

Turns out the Great Intelligence is the Yeti of this story.

Podcast C037 The Tomb of The Cybermen > > > > >

Racist Space-archeologists unearth a fortune in Cyber-stencils in this legendary serial.

Podcast C036 The Evil of The Daleks > > > > >

A Karl Marx lookalike delivers spiffing technobabble while time travel goes straight down the drain in this senseless yet hugely compelling serial.