Donna Noble

A Marmite of NewWho companions, Donna Noble, the overacting yet occasionally charismatic granddaughter of Wilfred Mott, had the Who Back When crew divided.

Podcast N048 The Doctor’s Daughter > > >

The Tenth Doctor mothers the short-lived fruit of his loins following his arm being raped by newborn soldiers fighting fish people without a backstory.

Podcast N047 The Poison Sky > > > > > >

It’s The Clone Wars but with a baked potato planet and a nuclear weapons Tinder app.

Podcast N046 The Sontaran Strategem > > > > >

A maniacal not-quite-Zuckerberg-or-Hugo-Drax-clone creates killer TomToms and hotboxes the elderly

Podcast N045 Planet of the Ood > >

Slavery, Overacting and some Seriously Good Writing in this Cerebral New Who Episode

Podcast N044 The Fires of Pompeii > > >

It’s Volcano Day in Pompeii and Peter Capaldi appears as the pater familias of the Cambridge Latin course while Karen Gillan worships freaking lava monsters!!

Podcast N043 Partners in Crime > >

Donna’s years of waiting for her favourite genocidal maniac finally come to an end, and half of us rejoice.

Podcast N028 The Runaway Bride > >

A Killer Christmas Star, a frustrated bride, and it turns out our world is just cosmic dirt wrapped around a spider nest