N049 The Unicorn and The Wasp


The Doctor and Donna crash a party with Agatha Christie, the full cast of Cluedo, a giant wasp and no unicorn

The Tenth Doctor and companion Donna Noble rock up in 1920s landed gentry England, to gatecrash a party hosted by Lady Clemency-Edison and hosting a veritable Who’s Who of the cast-list of Cluedo.

Among the guests is none other than Agatha Christie herself, and appropriately the house soon becomes the scene of one gruesome murder after another.

Equally appropriately, the infamous jewel thief known as ‘The Unicorn’ is thought to be on the prowl. Now Doc, Donna and Agatha Christie have to solve the mystery.

The Unicorn and The Wasp also features Felicity Jones of ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ fame as Robina Redmond.


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One Response to “N049 The Unicorn and The Wasp”

  1. Tracey | @YecartNiatnouf

    I’m Tracey and this is a mini!

    So, I do have some issues with plot here. HOWEVER, the dramatic and comedic timing, acting, and overall feel are working so well for me I’ve decide to completely overlook the plotholes and talk about what I liked.

    Doc and Donna effortlessly crash a garden party in the 20’s. They charm the lady of the house into thinking she’s invited them despite the fact that there are less than ten guests present!

    Agatha Christie shows up, then they find themselves all solving a whodunit mystery for multiple murders a la dinner theater. When Agatha finally has it mostly figured out she gathers them to the sitting room and hashes out what she’s discovered. Donna even sits expectantly while munching food as if it’s all a TV show. Wait, it is! Donna is on the wrong side of the fourth wall!! Someone pull her out!!!!

    Where was I? Oh right. Recall that the Vespiform is drowned chasing his magical plot gem, which Donna throws into a lake, presumably on purpose. Donna has what seems a throwaway line about how she couldn’t help herself. I find myself wondering if this a function of the fact that Agatha Christie’s mind created the scenario. Is she directing both Donna and the wasp? Because so far Donna is presented as quite compassionate and the Doctor does not press her further on this point. And that’s my word limit!

    Rating: The wasp, the wasp, oh no, not the wasp!


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