N045 Planet of the Ood

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Slavery, Overacting and some Seriously Good Writing in this Cerebral New Who Episode

The Tenth Doctor unknowingly takes Donna Noble to the Planet of the Ood, where a it transpires that a major conglomerate has been churning out Ood slaves for two centuries.

Having left the Ood to their fate when he last encountered them in The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit, The Doc decides to free them.



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  1. Tracey | @YecartNiatnouf

    Hello out there, Tracey here. Have a micro:
    Planet of the Ood, eh? This episode has it all: great sets, sweeping landscapes, emotions (even tears from Donna), pyrotechnics, morality, a guest star from that show Blackadder, and some poetic justice right at the end. Yes, everything one could want…except maybe a plot? Yeah, this one didn’t really make sense to me. Was it too simple or too complicated? And hang on, did the Doctor/Donna even do anything to advance the story?
    I will now rate this numerically simply because I really like hearing you say ‘naught’ instead of ‘zero’.
    0.5 (grumble)


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