New Who reviews

Podcast N075 The Impossible Astronaut > > > > >

The gang goes to The States where Nixon’s a pretty nice guy and there are creepy Men in Black in the Ladies’ Room.

Podcast N074 A Christmas Carol – The 2010 Christmas Special > >

The Doctor makes a refrigerated woman spend her last remaining days of life with two complete strangers in this Christmas Special

Podcast N073 The Big Bang > > > >

The Lone Centurion, star cults, a petrified Dalek and the universe rebooted? This episode prompted some of the most heated debates on WBW yet!

Podcast N071 The Lodger > >

The Eleventh Doctor interrupts some Pizza, Booze, Telly in this incredibly polarising episode of NewWho

Podcast N070 Vincent and The Doctor > > >

Vincent van Gogh gingerly flirts with Amy Pond while Doc is chased by the space chicken in his godmother’s rearview mirror

Podcast N069 Cold Blood > > >

Snoring Silurians, unauthorised Earth ambassadors and the (temporary) deletion of Rory Williams

Podcast N068 The Hungry Earth > > >

The Doctor toys with a kid’s life and the Silurians return to our screens only to be beaten by a meals-on-wheels van.

Podcast N067 Amy’s Choice > > > > >

Amy and Rory retire to the village that time forgot as they plummet into a cold star

Podcast N066 The Vampires of Venice > > >

Neither Vampires nor Venice feature in this episode.