Dalek Emperor

The Dalek Emperor, alongside the Dalek Supreme, is a lead Dalek seemingly contradicting the democratically ordained authority of the Dalek Prime Minister. Rather than ride around in a regular pepper pot, the Dalek Emperor jiggled around a gigantic, multi-legged terrarium.

Podcast C152 Remembrance of the Daleks > > > > > >

Doc Fluxes Skaro in the final Dalek story of Classic Who

Podcast C036 The Evil of The Daleks > > > > >

A Karl Marx lookalike delivers spiffing technobabble while time travel goes straight down the drain in this senseless yet hugely compelling serial.

Podcast N013 The Parting of the Ways > > > > >

Rose is her own Deus Ex Machina, Jackie cashes in a dodgy favour, and we bid farewell to the 9th Doctor.