Christmas Special

Podcast N179 The Church on Ruby Road — The 2023 Christmas Special > > >

Inter-temporal infanticide and a divisive song-and-dance number? We spend more than twice its runtime dissecting The Fifteenth Doctor’s first big adventure.

Podcast N131 The Return of Doctor Mysterio – The 2016 Christmas Special (re-review) > > >

A re-review of that superhero episode that half of everyone enjoyed, yet most of everyone thought was a little meh

Podcast A027 Relative Dimensions > > > >

Doc’s plans for a family Christmas dinner are hampered by a fishy paradox

Blog For Your Consideration: Am I A Good Fan?

Kyle Rath deep-dives into what it means to be a Doctor Who fan with hopes and expectations when time is a scarce commodity.

Podcast N094 The Snowmen – The 2012 Christmas Special > > > > > > > > > > >

Mary Poppins moonlights as Eliza Doolittle and The Great Intelligence feeds countless labourers to his carnivorous snowmen

Podcast B055 The Snowmen Prequels > > > > > >

Just A Quick Pre-Christmas-Special-Christmas-Prequels-May-Christmas Chat

Blog WBW Tops – Doctor Who Christmas Specials Ranked

In this special Christmas Edition of WBW Tops, we take a look at every single Doctor Who Christmas Special and rank them.

Podcast N074 A Christmas Carol – The 2010 Christmas Special > >

The Doctor makes a refrigerated woman spend her last remaining days of life with two complete strangers in this Christmas Special

Podcast B041 Twice Upon A Time – The 2017 Christmas Special > > > > > > >

Two doctors refuse to regenerate, then get into some scraps, then regenerate after all. It’s pretty great.