Classic Who reviews

Podcast C010 The Dalek Invasion of Earth > > > > > > >

Daleks have invaded the Earth! Thank goodness The Doctor’s accidentally piloted the troupe right smack into the centre of it all.

Podcast C009 Planet of Giants > > >

Doc & Co turn into thimble-sized tree-huggers and match wits with giant matchboxes and murderers in this prop-fuelled serial.

Podcast C008 The Reign of Terror > > > > >

The Doctor & Co accidentally land in the French Revolution and bludgeon a whole bunch of people

Podcast C007 The Sensorites > > > >

Doc & Co try to save some humans from mind-controlling aliens, but end up saving the aliens from barbaric humans. #irony

Podcast C006 The Aztecs > > > >

Barb engages in some harmless grave robbery and is mistaken for an Aztec god. Romance and adventure ensue!

Podcast C005 The Keys of Marinus > > > > >

The Doctor & Co arrive on Marinus and are blackmailed by Arbitan to go on a suicide mission to retrieve the five titular micro-circuit keys.

Podcast C004 Marco Polo > > > > > > >

The Doctor & Co go on a road trip to Peking with Marco Polo. Meanwhile, a man by the name of Tegana is plotting to steal the TARDIS.

Podcast C003 The Edge of Destruction > > >

The TARDIS suddenly stops and The Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara must face their fears and figure out what’s happened.

Podcast C002 The Daleks > > > > > >

The Doctor, Susan, Barbara and Ian arrive on the planet Skaro, where war has been raging between the Thal and the Daleks for 500 years.

Podcast C001 An Unearthly Child > > > >

Teachers Ian and Barbara follow Wunderkind pupil Susan to a junkyard, where they meet her grandfather, The Doctor.