Polly Wright

Polly Wright, played by Anneke Wills, travelled with the Doctor alongside Ben Jackson and later also alongside Jamie McCrimmon. Together, they comprised the trio that we referred to as “PB&J” on the podcast.

Podcast C035 The Faceless Ones > > > >

Aliens commit identity theft and wield foreign stamps in Ben and Polly’s final serial

Podcast C034 The Macra Terror > > > >

Team building, space crabs and this one time at band camp

Podcast C033 The Moonbase > > > >

Coffee breaks, national stereotypes and some classic 60s sexism are the cornerstones of this classic Cybermen serial

Podcast C032 The Underwater Menace > > > > >

The lost city of Atlantis, fish people, and a mad scientist who ISN’T The Doctor

Podcast C031 The Highlanders > > > >

The Doctor pretends to be German, disguises himself as an old lady and commits fraud in soon-to-be-a-companion Jamie’s first ever serial

Podcast C030 The Power of The Daleks > > > >

Multiplying Daleks and surveillance fruit on the planet Vulcan? I’m in.

Podcast C029 The Tenth Planet > > > >

Cybermen make their first appearance on Doctor Who, and William Hartnell his last (for a while), in this legendary classic serial.

Podcast C028 The Smugglers > > > >

The tale of one solitary woman in drag, stuck at an ultra-violent, 17th-century sausage fest while pirates look for hidden booty.

Podcast C027 The War Machines > > > > >

A maniacal, telepathic computer dispatches clunky Dalek-wannabees to enslave mankind. Why? Because shut up, that’s why.