Katarina – a typical Trojan name, I’m sure you’ll find – travelled with The First Doctor after Vicki decided to stay behind. She didn’t speak his language, could not grasp the rudimentary of mechanics of doorknobs or see the danger in lighting a fire in the middle of the TARDIS, but ultimately proved herself brave by sacrificing herself to save The Doc in The Daleks’ Master Plan.

Podcast C021 The Daleks’ Master Plan > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

The Doctor robs the Daleks, gains two companions, loses three, and then we even get an appearance by the monk. Epic!

Podcast C020 The Myth Makers > > > > > >

The troupe arrives in Troy, where there’s no Helen, Vicki falls in love, and the Doc leaves but one Trojan left alive.