Martha Jones

Martha Jones was the not-super-charismatic trainee Doctor who travelled with Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. One of few companions whose family we got to meet as well, Martha eventually ended up being a badass working for Torchwood, wearing all-black and toting automatic weapons. She also once walked the Earth, like Cain in ‘Kung Fu’.

Podcast N038 Blink > >

We bring out the big guns for our 100th canonical Doctor Who review to talk about an episode that needs no introduction.

Podcast N037 The Family of Blood > > >

An inconsistent fob watch, nonsensical straw men, and some of the best acting on Doctor Who

Podcast N036 Human Nature > > >

An army of scarecrows, realistic depictions of racism, and an amnesiac Doctor

Podcast N035 42 > >

A few Ood short of The Satan Pit

Podcast N034 The Lazarus Experiment > >

Thank goodness for big, red, scorpion-monster-friendly buttons!

Podcast N033 Evolution of the Daleks > > > > > > >

The Human Dalek wants to put more Human in the Dalek Humans, and the Dalek Daleks disagree.

Podcast N032 Daleks in Manhattan > > > > > >

A sequence of “final” experiments, pig chaps, and what is ostensibly a Monoid with a Dalek for a hat.

Podcast N031 Gridlock > > > >

The Doctor teams up with an Irish cat and the Face of Boe when Martha Jones gets stuck in traffic.

Podcast N030 The Shakespeare Code > > > >

Doc and Martha are nearly showered in excrement on their first non-date and Shakespeare couldn’t be randier in this pseudo historical

Podcast N029 Smith and Jones > > >

Identical cousins, rhino police and a little old lady from space. We review Martha Jones’ debut as The Tenth Doctor’s new companion.