N030 The Shakespeare Code

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Doc and Martha are nearly showered in excrement on their first non-date and Shakespeare couldn’t be randier in this pseudo historical

The Tenth Doctor takes new companion Martha Jones on her first trip through time, all the way to Elizabethan London. Martha’s already pretty thrilled to be in the year 1599, but The Doctor really pulls out all the stops on this non-date when he takes her to The Globe Theatre to see Love’s Labour’s Lost and William Shakespeare himself. What a pity Doc has to go and mention his ex.

On the topic of pities, three Carrionites – inter-dimensional aliens that look nothing like witches – are hiding in London under the guise of witches, except for whenever one of them decides that she can plainly look perfectly normal instead.

(This is set long before The Scottish Play was conceived or staged, by the way, so the three witches seem like a bit of a lost opportunity…)

Anyway, their plan is to use their technol… *ahem* magic to bewitch William Shakespeare into writing a sequel, Love’s Labour’s Won, and to add to it specific lines that in turn will open a portal to their dimension and inaugurate “a millennium of blood” on Earth.

Oh, also, Shakespeare is a horny cad.


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