Podcast B095 The 2023 New Year’s Eve Bloops

Happy New Year! Here’s a glimpse at some of the bits that didn’t go quite as planned

Podcast B088 Tenth (10th!!) Anniversary Bloopers

Sweet Buttery Kablammos, we’ve been DocPasting for a decade!!!

Podcast B086 The 2023 New Year’s Bloopers

Happy New Year, Podcastland! OMG, it’s 2023, the year we catch up!

Podcast B080 Ninth Anniversary Blooper Reel

Join us for some celebratory bloopers, Podcastland!

Podcast B076 New Year’s Bloopers

It’s been a tough year for mankind, but we got through it together and a lot of laughs made it all the more bearable

Podcast B072 Eighth Anniversary Blooper Reel

Holy Moly, Who Back When just turned 8 years young! 

Podcast B069 New Year’s Bloopers

2020 is finally coming to a close and so we salute the incoming 2021 with some pretty dang hilarious bloopers. Happy New Year, Everybody!

Podcast B067 Seeeeeeventh Anniversary Blooper Reel

We celebrate our seventh year of travelling down this temporal road with you, with the customary Anniversary Bloopies!

Podcast B064 End-of-Decade Bloopers

Feast your ears on these traditional holiday bloopies

Podcast B061 Surprise Blooper Reel

Feast your ear-balls on these Surprise October Bloopies!