2020 is finally coming to a close and so we salute the incoming 2021 with some pretty dang hilarious bloopers. Happy New Year, Everybody!

What-ho, Podcastland!

Holy Moly, 2020’s been pretty $%!#, hasn’t it? But it would have been even tougher had it not been for you lovely bunch!

Thank you so much for sticking around, for staying safe and for being in touch. It warmed our hearts each and every week this year, not only to hear from you via mini reviews and friendly nods, but to know that despite the global circumstances being what they were we were all still hanging in there and travelling down this temporal road together. You’re amazing and we count ourselves as incredibly lucky to share this orb with you!

Here’s hoping 2021 is a better one, full of laughter, good health, much-needed hugs and socially-un-distanced high-5s.

Happy New Year!


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