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For once, we review Doctor Who in TWO dimensions.

Hello Podcastland!

A bit of a first for Who Back When here. Titan Comics, publishers of comic books pertaining to loads of different franchises, including Doctor Who, reached out and asked if we wanted to review two of their (at the time upcoming, now completely available) Doctor Who comics:

  • New Adventures with The Eighth Doctor 1.1
  • The Eleventh Doctor Adventures, 2.2

Never having read, let alone reviewed, Doctor Who comic books before, we were obviously intrigued and decided to approach them with open minds.

The former, Eighth Doctor comic is the first issue in a new mini-series about Paul McGann’s marvellous Doctor, while the 2.2 at the end of the latter, indicates that it’s part 2 of the 2nd series/year of Eleventh Doctor stories by Titan Comics. Having read this issue here, we’re left a little tempted to read year 1…

Apologies for the poor audio quality of this recording, by the way. We trust you’ll still enjoy the ep.

Rock on!

new adventures with the eigth doctor comic book titan comics whobackwhen
eleventh doctor adventures comic book doctor who titan comics whobackwhen

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