Podcast B069 New Year’s Bloopers

2020 is finally coming to a close and so we salute the incoming 2021 with some pretty dang hilarious bloopers. Happy New Year, Everybody!

Podcast B067 Seeeeeeventh Anniversary Blooper Reel

We celebrate our seventh year of travelling down this temporal road with you, with the customary Anniversary Bloopies!

Podcast B064 End-of-Decade Bloopers

Feast your ears on these traditional holiday bloopies

Podcast B057 Sixth Anniversary Akhaten Blooper Reel

To commemorate the sixth anniversary of Who Back When, here are some of our tipsiest bloopers to date!

Podcast B056 Christmas-in-May Blooper Reel

Enjoy These Holly Jolly Bloopers and Behind-the-Scenes clips!

Blog Strange Circle

The Doctor calls on Jim for a quick spin in the TARDIS, and soon they will have been about to have already embarked on an adventure that’s about to happen.

Podcast B051 Just A WhoBackWhen’ing Moment

Join us as we play another few rounds of Doctor-Who-themed ‘Just A Minute’

Podcast B042 The 200th Episode Extravaganza

Happy 200th Episode to Us!
Here’s the audio podcast version of this awesome milestone.

Blog For Your Consideration: The Definitive Article, You Might Say

The very first For Your Consideration column. If you listen carefully, you can hear me talk to myself a lot.