Initial Thoughts:

Concept piece: regular column.

Possible titles: Thoughts And Relevant Discussions In Space (Not enough crackers exist for this level of cheese)

Spy Craft (maybe if I was 12 and this was a Geocities account)

I, Spy (not terrible)

No Vowels, Please (kind of funny, if not totally egocentric)

Fluid Links (I probably stole this)

Subject: Inaugural address to interested parties.

Greetings, fellow Whovians!

So, sometime around just shy of five years ago, I happened across a Reddit post describing a new podcast that aimed to review every episode of Doctor Who, starting at the beginning. Because I’d had the good fortune to have completed such a challenge myself, I was intrigued to hook up my Time-Space Visualiser, and discover what new insights these brave souls might glean from the magical moments of Whovian lore.

Ponken and Flappy, from the very beginning, presented a fresh, polished and humourous regaling of their experiences watching Doctor Who. I was hooked.

All these serials later, and I’m still here. Like a bad rash.

Reviewers have come and gone. Hosts as well. Branchings out, and reignings in. Change, it would seem, and sometimes much too soon.

And then I get an email from Ponken. New blog concept. Looking for contributors. I said yes. Almost immediately.

Then I says to myself “Self – despite Grand Master P’s enthusiasm, and your relatively safe history as a Serial Review contributor, you are out of your depth! Ye olde blog is tepidly engaging at best, should you ever care to update it! Your humour is context based. Your innuendos rely upon inside jokes. You are a terrible writer! The goal is to attempt to put some kind of creative new spin on an old shoe. You have no business being here!”.

Dramatic Pause:

But then I thought about that;

And I replied “Yes, Self. All points that would normally be true. But like all good charlatans, I shall act as if I belong. I shall adapt my outward form to blend. I shall be as a chameleon, navigating the circuit of this new track!”.

“HA!”, I retorted. “That’s just a cheap gimmick, riffing on the camoflauge utilized by T.A.R.D.I.S.. Therefore, that kind of tongue-in-cheek palaver won’t fly for very long. The membership thirsts for provocative, insightful diatribes. Think back to your film school writing classes – peeling the onion and the like”.

I considered my words. I was not wrong. However, I was convinced that my unique perspective, as a life-long Whovian, a student and (formerly) maker of film, a struggling writer and emerging Renaissance Man of wide-ranging tastes and interests, would be of use, and possibly, of value to those who happened to find themselves tripping across the poorly structured sentences of my future literary hors d’oeuvres.

So I cast myself aside, sat down in front of my laptop, and began to flail digitally, letters and words sluicing forth like rampant waters from the zombified Martians of my mind.

All this to say, basically – I like Doctor Who. It’s a good show. There is more to that, I’m just not sure how much leeway I have here.

Until next time.


This article was written by Kyle Rath
Husband; Father; Poet; Prophet. Citizen of Earth, specifically the Great White North part. Airplane whisperer. Sub-par podcaster. Usually found attempting humorous quips amid reflective and sonorous sentences. Left-handed. High-5 Kyle Rath on Twitter and say hi from us: @sinistersprspy