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The 8th Doctor self-identifies as a jellyfish in this ‘Little Mermaid’/’Doctor Who’ mash-up.

As we heard in the post-credit sequence of The Vengeance of Morbius, Lucie Miller was blasted in the face and/or chest by The Headhunter (of most audiobooks fame) 6 months after witnessing The Doctor plummet to his death on Karn. Turns out, she survived. And so did the Doctor!

Lucie quickly learns that the Headhunter shot her with a Quantum Time Bullet, then un-shot her, and is planning to un-un-shoot her, unless the Doctor, who in turn was saved by The Sisterhood of the Teleporting Pants, erm, of Karn and teleported to the squid world of Orbis, doesn’t repair the TARDIS for her. Oh, yeah, that’s right. She’s got the TARDIS, but it’s broken, and she plans to sell it in mint-condition to the highest bidder.

So off they go to Orbis, where – Spoilers – hostilities are breaking out between the indigenous squid race, the Keltans, and the invading clam/lobster/oyster/snails, the Molluscari…

(Wait for it.)

… whose leader is voiced by Andrew Sachs, famous, among other things, for portraying both Skagra in the webcast version of Shada, and a little character you may have heard of, namely, Manuel in Fawlty Towers!

A014 Doctor Who Orbis Big FInish cover

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