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The Doc is sentenced to death for a parking violation and Lucie is temporarily replaced by a nimbler model in this sadly forgettable audiobook.

This Doctor Who audiobook takes place in London, sort of, in several different periods in time, kinda, all at once. Confused? You ought to be.

After appearing in court for a traffic violation, The Doctor is somehow transported back in time to the 17th century where he is immediately sentenced to death. Meanwhile, Lucie is brought back to WW1-era London, where instead of dodging Zeppelins (which would have been pretty cool), she does her best to avoid being killed by a blind serial killer allegedly prowling the streets during blackouts. More confused? Don’t worry; that’s perfectly normal.

So now, while she stumbles around the place looking for the Doctor on her own, he is united with charming, daring, tightrope-walker-turned-thief and ever-so-slightly-too-common-to-be-considered-a-femme-fatale, Spring-Heeled Sophie, played by Clare Buckfield of Horror of Glam Rock fame. Anyway, yade-yade-yade, they all make the inevitable journey to be reunited and figure out what the heck is going on.

Doctor Who Rupert Vansittart Aliens of London
Rupert Vansittart appeared on Doctor Who as General Asquith in ‘Aliens of London’ and ‘World War 3’.

Transpires there’s this alien called Sepulchre (because that’s a reasonable name for an alien baddy) who’s behind it all. The alien of the week, and his several human avatars, including said serial killer, are played by Rupert Vansittart, whom we’ve met in two TV episodes already.

Let’s not say any more now. There’s a reason this is our shortest Audiobook review so far…

A007 Doctor Who Audiobook Dead London Cover

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