B029 The Return of Doctor Mysterio – The 2016 Christmas Special 


Brains in jars, a squeaky interrogation toy and the DC and Marvel Universes collide in this Doctor Who Christmas Special

Ho-Ho-Ho! Yarp, last year, back in 2016, we got exactly one new Doctor Who episode, namely, The 2016 Christmas Special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

What’s it about? Glad you asked. Here, have a Bite-Size Chunk Of Who:

10-year-old Grant loves swallowing. Good thing the Doctor shows up on his roof with an indeterminately powerful pill-sized gem for him to ingest and give him super powers.

Fast-foward 24 years. Grant is now a professional nanny and cuckold by day, vigilante superhero “The Ghost” by night. Coincidentally, there’s an alien invasion afoot, perpetrated by brains in jars who now want his super-powered body.

Doc’s there as well, of course, along with returning-character-now-official-companion Nardole and not-Lois-Lane Lucy Fletcher, Grant’s childhood love and present-day employer and stalkee.

Brain surgery, comic book references and alleged hilarity ensue.


Agh, I still haven’t updated the website to include a ratings box for Marie, who joined us on this epic, super-powered adventure. I will. Soon. New Year’s Resolution. In the meantime, please note that she gave this episode a rating of 3.0. /Ponken


Apology number 2: I think I may have been high on caffeine for the first 5 minutes or so. Apols. /Ponken

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