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Having seen (or heard) all of Patrick Troughton’s Doctor Who serials, we sat down for the traditional PostDoc rankings and ramblings.

We finished yet another Doctor’s run on Who Back When a couple of weeks ago, and thus ’tis time for our traditional PostDoc ranking and rambling. The topic of the day: the Second Doctor, as portrayed by Patrick Troughton.

Quick note before going on: We will of course encounter The Second Doctor again. He’ll likely turn up in audiobooks and comics, perhaps even a fake trailer or two, but more importantly Pat Troughton would reappear as The Second Doctor in 1972-73’s The Three Doctors and in 1985’s The Two Doctors.

As far as the Troughton Era is concerned, though, this is it. It’s very sad that so much of it went missing over the years, but with newly discovered film reels and the occasional animation perhaps we’ll get to revisit a lot of it yet.

Patrick Troughton got through a bunch as The Second Doctor — some 119 episodes across 21 serials alongside 5 companions. And obviously he made an impression on us.

Listen to our Patrick Troughton retrospective now, to hear us:

  • Pick our favourite serials, or indeed rank them all!
  • Discuss the companions
  • Select the best and the worst foe
  • Nominate the greatest and/or most ridonculous costumes
  • And determine what the best and worst sci-fi gadgets and gizmos of the Troughton Era were

We even sat down to compare his run to that of the preceding Doctor’s, as portrayed by William Hartnell! You don’t want to miss this.

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Here's what you think One Response to “B030 The Second Doctor Retrospective”
  1. Here are my rating for Troughton’s serials:

    The Tomb of the Cybermen 5.0
    The War Games 4.9
    The Mind Robber 4.8
    The Web of Fear 4.7
    The Power of the Daleks 4.5
    The Macra Terror 4.3
    The Invasion 4.2
    The Enemy of the World 4.0
    The Moonbase 3.6
    The Seeds of Death 3.5
    The Faceless Ones 3.3
    The Ice Warriors 3.1
    The Highlanders 2.9
    The Evil of the Daleks 2.9
    The Abominable Snowmen 2.5
    The Krotons 2.2
    The Wheel in Space 2.1
    Fury from the Deep 1.7
    The Dominators 1.2
    The Space Pirates 1.0
    The Underwater Menace 0.5

    My Ratings of Companions (This was tough)
    Jamie is definitely number 1 and Victoria is definately last (she was pretty useless). Ben and Polly weren’t with Doc as long as Zoe, but ben useful in more serials than Zoe. Zoe might have to be in the middle. Here we go:

    1. Jamie
    2. Ben
    3. Zoe
    4. Polly
    5. Victoria

    Best Foe was the Cybermen and then the Daleks, but if we mean new foes I’d go with Salamander. And best new alien foe would be the Ice Warriors. The worst Foe is definitely The Dominators and The Quarks. They were so annoying.

    Troughton is one of my top Doctors, especially for many years to come. I find 3 annoying and 4 never lived up to the hype in my eyes. So I’m going to be a little sad until 5, who was quite fun, for me at least. Troughton made all the humor of Doctor Who possible. Hartnell was way too serious and grumpy and the switch made The Doctor more fun to be with. You will be missed, but at least there are some Audios that bring back the 2nd Doctor. I’ve not listened yet, I’m waiting for you guys (but I’m getting a little antsy and might listen ahead). Maybe I’ll read some of the Season 6b novels and comics while I wait. (I assume that I can’t entice you with Literary-Who Reviews.)

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