B028 The 2016 Xmas Blooper Reel


As per tradition, ecce the Who Back When Xmas Bloopers!

What-ho, Podcastland!

Due to travelling arrangements and bumping into Nick Frost’s Santa from the Doctor Who Christmas Special a couple of years ago, this bonus episode is dropping a tiny bit late. Apols for that…

Fret not, however, ladies and gentlemen. Be sure that you were in our hearts at Christmas, on the first day of Chanukah, et al. This ep’s intro may seem a little anachronistic, as Christmas has just come and gone, but it was recorded beforehand and, well, the mixer, mics and I are currently on wholly different landmasses.

Nonetheless, here they are — the traditional Christmas Bloopies!

Who Back When will return in January 2017 with a bonus review of this year’s Christmas Special, as well as more Classics, more NewWho and more of everything, really.

Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season, Podcastland.

Happy New Year!


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