B012 Last Christmas – The 2014 Christmas Special

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Capaldi’s first Xmas Special, and it’s Alien meets The Thing meets Inception meets Santa… Mind-bending and awesome!

Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor has just celebrated his very first Christmas with us, and it was a mind-bending, Inception-esque tale that kept us thinking and debating long after it finished. Here is the result.

And as another little Christmas miracle, this episode (of Who Back When) features the return of an old companion as well. Enjoy!

You’ve probably all seen this Doctor Who Christmas Special, but here are a couple of paragraphs to briefly summarise ‘Last Christmas’, just in case you haven’t or you’ve inexplicably forgotten:

Clara wakes up in the middle of the night to find Santa Clause (played magnificently by Nick Frost) and two of his elves (played by Dan Starkey of Commander Strax fame, and Misfits’ Nathan McMullen) having crashed onto her exorbitant roof terrace. Pretty weird, n’est pas? And things are about to get even weirder when all of a sudden The Doctor arrives, insinuates that Santa is up to no good, and then takes Clara to the North Pole in the TARDIS.

Stuff is going down there as well. A team of scientists stationed on the North Pole have awoken malicious alien beings that lay dormant under the ice, and whose modus operandi consists of placing their victims in a lucid dream state while they surreptitiously ingest their brains. Creepy. And thus The Doctor and Clara are thrust into an adventure in which the boundaries between dream and reality are blurred and no one is safe.

(You’re welcome.)

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2 Responses to “B012 Last Christmas – The 2014 Christmas Special”

  1. How can crack girl be running the dream when the doctor states that he was the first caught and the crabs found Clara due to the Doctor’s connection to Clara. The rest of the people were just collateral. The problem with this episode is that it has huge plot holes which did not make sense. Good concept, but poor execution. Rating: 1.5.

  2. Loved it (4.5), made up for the Death in Heaven anticlimax(2.5) to the excellent Dark Water (4.0). The Shona’s Dance sequence is one of the greatest in Nu-Who.


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