N021 The Idiot’s Lantern

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A large hat is about to be placed on a little lady while the rest of us are being turned into faceless drones.

The Tenth Doctor and Rose attempt to go to New York in 1955, but – wouldn’t you know it – end up in London instead, and 2 years ahead of time at that!

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II is but a day away and people are geared up to watch it on the telly. Alas, an evil energy-based alien known as The Wire has traversed the universe and landed in Mr Magpie’s electronics shop, mere blocks away, whence it is taking over the airwaves. Its plan, to suck the faces off its unsuspecting viewers in order to… well, not sure. Absorb their energy or essence or whatnot, presumably.

So Doc and Rose now set off on another adventure to save mankind, one TV at a time, impersonating Royal Inspectors and scaling clever apple-cart obstacles like it’s going out of style.

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10 Responses to “N021 The Idiot’s Lantern”

  1. I hate it. They tried to make a story on how dumb television is. Yes we get it. All TV except Doctor Who and Sherlock is crap. Well, there is Games of Thrones. And some people like Star Trek. And the fantastic but often underrated Babylon 5. And. And. And. … I don’t share the pessimistic view, yes there is lot’s of crap, but there are lot’s of really great shows. Sadly this Doctor Who serial does not factor in.

    They had a honorable idea, but no clue how to make a Doctor Who story out of it. It’s not scary, it’s not funny, it’s no historical to learn from, it has no motivation other than to lament on todays television.

    The best one could say, is that Tennant performs some good acting.

    1 out of 5.


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