N022 The Impossible Planet

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Ood, Electric Brain YoYos, and demonic, temporary tattoos.

The Tenth Doctor and Rose materialise in a cupboard aboard a space base on an – dum-dum-duuuum – impossible planet. Why is it impossible? Glad you asked…

It turns out this planet is suspended in space within sucking distance – yum – of an actual, straight-up black hole. The obviously human, more specifically English, crew of the space base have gathered there to figure out what kind of power is holding the planet in place, and how they might be able to harness it, and to help them, they’ve brought along their servants, the Ood.

What’s keeping the planet from plummeting into the black hole? Are the Ood going to remain docile and harmless? And what’s up with all the weird demonic voices and the general Exccorcist-level creep-factor of Space Base 6?

We try to answer these questions and more.
This review covers part 1 of the double feature that is (N022) The Impossible Planet and (N023) The Satan Pit.

PS from Ponken: Screenshots and minis will be added soon… Hang in there, Podcastland! Shazam!

7 Responses to “N022 The Impossible Planet”

  1. The Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit:

    This is great. I like the funny moments: we could go somewhere else without danger ? And it’s a great fairy tale, although a very dark one. The Doctor is battling Satan himself, imprisoned from the eternity of times. So old, even the Tardis can’t decrypt the writings.

    And like James Bond, the more evil the bad guy get’s, the more the hero must rise. And the Doctor rises higher then ever before. And in doing so he falls down a very long pit, right to the bottom of all good and evil.

    I really adore the Doctors love for the human race: because it’s there. We see the Ood the first time, a very mysterious race which will become much more important. I really like the Ood. The crew members are great, good characters backed a strong supporting cast.

    There is a little open end as we never really know about the creatures true nature; and who has beaten him in the first place. I think it’s a bold move to let some things unexplained. The universe deserves some mysteries.

    4.5 out of 5.


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