What's Out There

Cecilia Doss pops on a sonic snorkle and deep-dives into the spiral of the Whoniverse that shimmers with #FanMade animation, film and more.

Blog The Eighth Doctor: An Episode Guide

If you’re hungry for more adventures, you just have to know where to look.

Blog Don’t Y’all Think This Is A Little Weird? — A Discussion on Romance in Doctor Who

Ever wondered why the Doctor seems to keep falling in love with suspiciously young women?

Blog Chris McKeon: Endings

I see the end of an incarnation’s lifetime as when a writer has the most to use within the character to express full range of characteristics.

Blog The Ten Doctors: Which is Better?

Did you know there was a “The Ten Doctors”, let alone three of them?!

Blog Doctor Who Spinoffs: A Suggestion

Doctor Who has had a number of spinoffs, but have any of them truly captured the spirit of their big sister?

Blog Josh Snares: Holy Sh*t He Talked To Me

“After 9 years, I finally understood what people wanted to see.”

Blog Resistance, and the adaptation of Big Finish stories

I’d put it on the same caliber as Shadowcast or Time Rift.

Blog Who is the Curator?

It’s Tom Baker.

Blog Season 26B: The Edit, The Myth, The Legend

“There’s something to be said for having a proper series of episodes for the McGann Doctor.”

Blog The Curse of Fatal Death Wasn’t a Parody, It Was a Warning

How does ‘The Curse of Fatal Death’ give us glimpses of what’s to come for the show?