Blog 1:47

Staring at this mystery Doctor (and I hope this amuses a few of you) I said, “Who?”

Blog TARDIS build — Lessons learned

The final instalment of our TARDIS build series a.k.a. TARDIS build bloopers

Blog Fan Production Company Profile: BTR Productions

An in-depth profile of the fan audio production company, Beyond Traditional Recognition

Blog Crossover Adventures: A Cause For Carolling

The Doctor and his companions become engulfed in a reality that is not their own, but is indeed quite festive, and quite dangerous.

Blog An Introduction to Fan Audio Dramas

Preface to the series of fan audio production reviews by spiffing Whovian, Peter Zunitch

Blog For Your Consideration: The Long Way Round

Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something something this post is long-winded. So say we all.

Blog For Your Consideration: The Definitive Article, You Might Say

The very first For Your Consideration column. If you listen carefully, you can hear me talk to myself a lot.

Blog WBW Tops – Doctor Regeneration Stories Ranked

The Doctor has regenerated fourteen times now. But out of all his TV Regenerations, which are the best of the best and which are not as good?

Blog Ponken’s TARDIS build, Part 2 — Roof, Paint etc

Part Two of our TARDIS build series, in which Ponken assembles the roof and sides… and ends up with a blue box!