Blog Little Lost

Tracey shares the story of that time Leon encountered The Doctor. Behold the very first piece of fanfic featuring a Who Back When host!

Blog WBW Tops – Post-Regeneration Stories Ranked

In the fourth instalment of WBW Tops, we examine and rank each of the post-regeneration stories

Blog BTR Productions: Darkness Falls

The continuation of events that occurred in the 1996 movie starring Paul McGann, and the true antithesis of what is a correct story arc.

Blog *SPOILERS!* The life and episodes of River Song

Ever wonder what the sequence of episodes would look like from River’s perspective? Wonder no more! I’ve compiled her timeline as I understand it, as both an episode guide and summary. Spoilers ahead!

Blog WBW Tops – Top Ten Missing Doctor Who Serials I Want Animated

Now that we’ve had a full missing Sixties Who story animated, what story should follow it? Here are the Top-10 Missing Classic Doctor Who serials that need to be animated.

Blog For Your Consideration: Look Who’s Talking

R is for the read-thru that keeps you in suspense.
E is for the eye-rolls at each run-on sentence .
GENERATION is for the groups of folks who grew up with this show,
and if I was a better poet this whole thing would rhyme.

Blog 1:47

Staring at this mystery Doctor (and I hope this amuses a few of you) I said, “Who?”

Blog TARDIS build — Lessons learned

The final instalment of our TARDIS build series a.k.a. TARDIS build bloopers

Blog Fan Production Company Profile: BTR Productions

An in-depth profile of the fan audio production company, Beyond Traditional Recognition