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A Trailer and Clip Show for Who Back When, a Doctor Who Podcast (or DocPast), to whet your appetite

Did you know that there’s a marvellous Doctor Who Podcast (or DocPast) called Who Back When, and that it’s been going strong for over six years? In the event that that is news to you, fret not, this bonus episode will sort you right out. Behold, a Trailer and Clip Show that neatly summarise the raison d’être of our podcast and then treats your earballs to fifteen minutes of some of the most representative clips we could dig up.

On Who Back When, we review both Classic Who and the 2005 Revival, in parallel and episode by episode. We tend to alternate between the two, occasionally squeezing in a Doctor Who Audiobook review or a bonus episode about anything from conventions to comic books. And we love getting the people of Podcastland involved, so if you want us to read your Doctor Who review on the show, then we want to hear from you! Check out for the details, and while you’re at it, peruse the blog and admire the Visual Index of every alien, robot, historical figure and more that we’ve encountered on Doctor Who so far.

If you’re not already subscribed, then have a listen to this Trailer and Clip Show. If it’s right up your alley, or even if it just tickles your nostalgia gland, then go and get yourself subscribed right away! Who Back When is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Blubrry, Spotify — in fact, in most places where good podcasts can be found.

And if you’re well-acquainted with Who Back When already, then you may still find the clip show entertaining. Have a listen and relive those golden moments!

Thanks for listening!

The WBW Gang

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  1. Dalek 347

    “Let’s put all our legs in one basket!” HAHAHA! I love you guys. Thanks for still doing these episodes every week. If it wasn’t for you, lockdown would have been a nightmare but another week of working from home isn’t so bad when it starts with a fresh episode of WhoBackWhen .

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