C030 The Power of The Daleks

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Multiplying Daleks and surveillance fruit on the planet Vulcan? I’m in.

Shazam! The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) has arrived, and he squares off against a familiar foe in his debut serial. Guess who. (Hint: It’s in the title.)

Doc, Polly and Ben materialise on the planet Vulcan (not the one you’re thinking of)…

  1. shortly after an ancient, crashed alien spaceship was discovered on the planet
  2. moments before an examiner from Earth is shot dead Before Doc’s eyes
  3. while a rebel force on the planet is planning a coup against the Vulcan governor.

… so, basically, their timing is pretty bad.

Anyway, Doc’s mistaken for the examiner and – in a way that harkens back somewhat to the murder and subsequent impersonation of the troubadour in C012 The Romans – Doc and his companions play along.

They soon find what’s lurking inside the crashed spaceship, however, and must fight to stay alive while Daleks, rebels and gubernatorial politics descend upon them.

NB: William Hartnell is only tagged in this episode for his appearance in the mirror at the start of Part 1.

PS: Also, apo-polly-logies, images and minis will be added to this page in a couple of weeks, as I’m currently out of the country… /Ponken

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14 Responses to “C030 The Power of The Daleks”

  1. Sontaran looking bloke.

    Love your podcast, it is in my top two Dr Who podcasts (you and the Krynoids). But I disagree with Ponken’s rating, although I am yet to hear his reasoning, I’m writing this as I download. I only know the Power from the audio book version (and there’s not much more than that available) and I love it. It has elements of greek tragedy, the backstory and the setting got me straight in, the plot hangs together, the main characters are very well realised and the daleks stand out as villains better than they do in many other dalek stories. They conquer by stealth and play the lamb until they are ready. I give it a 4.8, and I don’t know why I’m not giving it a five.

  2. Peter Zunitch

    Welcome PT. This is a pretty good story with some pretty standard characters in a nice setting. There’s the overbearing and militant 2nd in command, There’s the unstable obsessive scientist who is mad, then goes mad, there’s sir almost appeared in this episode, but was killed within the first minute, and there’s the all about the revolution crew who are totally oblivious to who is leading them. It’s a shame that the planet surface footage is all gone. BTW, is this another Terry Nationism? After all, the planet with the bubbling surface is called Vulcan. I don’t know, does acid count?
    I liked that the first five minutes or so is PT almost silent. In fact he’s pretty quiet for almost the entire first episode. Perhaps his lungs are still forming. Also glad the stove pipe hat didn’t last. Loved the mirror and clock references, but the ring should have been handled differently, perhaps even played a part in the regen. It would have been a suitable end for it. The tardis scene really benefits from the latest recon improvements.
    The story moves, but in the end I think it’s perfectly okay. There’s nothing majestically wrong with it, but there’s nothing Vulcan-shattering about it either. The scientist is the only standout OTT character. In the end I would spend more time covering the Daleks and less on the revolution plot. Their resurrection and breakout is much more interesting, and the coup would have been much more intriguing were it more subversive and less bloody. Still it kept me interested. 2.5

  3. Paul Fauber @wordsmithpaul

    Hey, Ponken. I’ve just seen the entire “Power of the Daleks” serial animated in a theater and it’s awesome! Patrick Troughton’s performance is outstanding and his companions are also good, except for the eps when they do not appear. The tension in this story is incredible as the Doctor impersonates the Examiner to find out who murdered him and then to get the colonists to destroy the Daleks and save all of their lives. He fails and must fight his mortal enemies, who recognize him despite his regeneration, with his mind. The winners are the Doctor and the audience, while the Daleks and the colonists are losers. Daleks explode spectacularly after killing everyone except the Doctor and his companons, Quinn, and Janley’s rebel stooge.

    Janley is particularly unlucky and her death may doom the colony because she is the only female known to have been on the planet Vulcan before Polly arrived. Having been exterminated, she can no longer help the colony go on.

    This is a great story that shows the Doctor’s intelligence win out over brute force and gives the Daleks a cunning we haven’t seen from them before.


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