A019 The Cannibalists


Unorthodox protrusions and a heck of a lot of screaming

The Eighth Doctor and his audiobook companion, Lucie Miller, arrive at The Haven. Some sort of seemingly abandoned and conveniently silence space metropolis, The Haven is host to but robot beings.

On the one hand, there are the Assemblers, rather annoying, childish and naive metal monks who praise protocol to the exclusion of all else. And on the other hand, The Mighty Titus and his band of Cannibalists, punk rock marauders ruining it for everyone.

Thank Protocol there’s a poetry spouting service droid stuck in the middle, or we’d barely have a plot.

Now the Doc must help this talented tin man find his heart before absolutely every last robot has a crack at grabbing Lucie’s boobs.

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  1. First off Lucie suffers from long term memory loss. She seems genuinely amazed to be on a space station despite her trips to one in: Max Warp. I don’t like that Doc and Lucie keep getting separated. They are more fun when they are together. But this is a trope that happens all the time in Doctor Who, so I don’t think it will end any time soon.

    I liked the robots, and pardon the pun, but their characters felt well ‘fleshed’ out. The voice acting was very well done, even if they underutilized Beth Chalmers as the voice of the Elevator. Maybe they have her stuck in the Katarina Olsson Bondage Closet now.

    I like the concept of the robot’s evolving, but if having free will and a conscious was the evolution, than Servo was not alone in that. The Cannibalists have developed rage, and the desire for revenge. Domitian, Probus and Macrinus all have fear, hope, faith (and religion – “Protocol Be Praised!”) and capable of compassion and self sacrifice. So why is Servo the special one: because he writes poetry. To me it sounds like he is the one with extra time on his hands – or whatever appendages the robots have- to develop a hobby. The only one that doesn’t seem to have evolved is Minerva, who still operates like a machine to the point of keeping Servo’s mind after the reboot, because of a technicality. Despite all the plot holes, I did enjoy The Cannibalists, just not as much as some others. 2.9. I also marked it down because their chanting Death Metal, got my hopes up that they’d play or at least make reference to some In Flames, Cannibal Corpse, Dark Tranquility, or Behemoth but that never panned out and I was disappointed.


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