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The episode that introduces The Master we deserved, desired and in the end were denied (oops, spoilers)

The Tenth Doctor, companion Martha Jones and stowaway Captain Jack Harkness go to the planet Malcassairo and *ahem* “the end of the universe” in this, the first instalment of the three-parter comprising Utopia, The Sound of Drums and The Last of the Time Lords (or possibly this prequel to the two-parter comprising the latter duo).

There, they encounter rubbish Mad-Max-type cannibals bereft of intellect or any discernable skills, yet oddly capable of elaborately tattooing and piercing each other’s faces. These are the Futurekind. Also on Malcassairo are regular, straight-up, no-nonsense human beings, lead by Professor Yana (masterfully portrayed by legendary thespian Derek Jacobi). Yana is constructing a rocket ship (or ark, if you will – I can’t believe we didn’t make that reference on the show) to ferry mankind to “Utopia”, allegedly a safe haven beyond the universe.

Will Doc & Co be able to help Professor Yana send off mankind in time? And is Yana all he purports or indeed believes himself to be? Listen to our review now!



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