Side Steps

When Cecilia Doss isn’t conducting investigative research into the realm of others’ #fanmade Whovianism, she writes her own!

Blog System Notation

“Right now, I’m alone.” — A data log was found in a colony in the future. This is what it contained.

Blog It Came From The Backrooms

Zoey Fleetwood finally gets to meet the Doctor! But will her first impression go as smoothly as she hopes?

Blog The Wasted Journey

Susan is reunited with her grandfather once again! But will things go as smoothly as he would hope?

Blog Theta Sigma and the Order of the Prydonians

During the Gallifreyan holiday of Otherstide, secrets are revealing themselves. Who exactly is this “Theta Sigma”?

Blog Reconvene

“Iris Wildthyme, is that really you?”
“Woah, there. Settle down lovey, I haven’t even—Doctor?”

Blog Eternal

“Oh, Doctor,” the Toymaker tutted, “Do you really think it’s that simple?”

Blog Independent Study

River Song finds herself at a new university, teaching a familiar face (to us, anyway)

Blog A Happy Ending: An Adaptation

Susan makes a few unlikely allies in this adventure based on a ‘Sci-Fi Sea Cruise Production’

Blog The Fork in the Road

We wondered throughout the Wilderness Years what the exact linear timeline of the 7th and 8th Doctor might be. Here’s a story of why there isn’t one.