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A Bonus Doctor Who Adventure to say thank you to our iTunes Reviewers #2

Kablammo! It’s time for another (fake) Doctor Who Audiobook Adventure Trailer! And I know it’s only the second one of these so far, but as fun little side-projects go, I think we’re getting better at them! *ahem* Heads up, Big Finish, next time you’re doing auditions… ;)

Anyway, back on track. So many of of you have taken the time to share your impressions of Who Back When on iTunes, and you’ve all been super generous and kind. For that, we just want to say thank you. Well, we want to say thank you and then star in some epic Doctor Who Audiobooks alongside your eminent selves!

In case this is the first you’ve heard of this, here’s the dealio:
We will be putting together the occasional Doctor Who audiobook trailer like this one right here, and if you want in on the action (have a listen to find out what that entails, though we may think of an even cooler more immersive experience in the future), then just pop a review on iTunes! If you have already, then (a) Thanks! and (b) just hang in there; we’ll get to you soon. We’re going through our reviewers in chronological order, and we’re not leaving out anyone.

This time, we’d like to say a special thanks to the following people on iTunes:

  • Ertrov
  • romal (Is that you, Robert M Albrecht, our first official German fan?)
  • Selgri
  • SmithyMarkUK
  • m@-chew

You rock!

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